Stacy has been diagnosed with two chronic illnesses, but getting those diagnoses was an uphill battle. In 2019 she started experiencing extreme exhaustion, brain fog and weight fluctuations, but repeated visits to multiple doctors revealed nothing. In her tenacity to uncover the truth she started researching potential tests to request, eventually hitting the nail on the head when she asked for Hashimoto’s antibody testing. After confirming this diagnosis, she turned her attention to the extreme menstrual pain she had been experiencing most of her life. Doctors had continually brushed it off as normal, even though she had needed prescription pain medication as young as 15 to survive her periods. She continued to research potential options and ask questions, eventually meeting with an endometriosis specialist. Oftentimes the only way to confirm endometriosis is to perform exploratory surgery, which this specialist recommended. After deliberating her options Stacy went forward with the surgery, during which endometriosis was confirmed.

In this episode of the Major Pain podcast Stacy discusses her battle to get diagnosed, and the subsequent relief of receiving appropriate care for both her illnesses. For Hashimoto’s disease she was originally prescribed levothyroxine, which unfortunately did not work. She moved on to a functional medicine doctor who prescribed Armour Thyroid, a medication made from desiccated pig thyroid. Mercifully, this medication allowed her thyroid to function correctly, and her Hashimoto’s symptoms began to dissipate. She experienced similar relief after undergoing excision surgery for endometriosis, feeling massive relief once she had healed. However, since there is no cure for endometriosis, Stacy knows more surgery is likely in her future as some of the pain has begun to return. Since she lives with two chronic illnesses, it can be difficult for Stacy to know which symptoms are caused by which disease. She discusses the overlap of her two conditions, since people with endometriosis are at increased risk for thyroid dysfunction. She is deeply frustrated by the repeated denial of her pain by multiple doctors, knowing she would never have found relief without continuing to push for answers. However, she is also deeply grateful to have finally found doctors willing to listen, taking action instead of denying care.

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