A photo of Jesse Mercury, the host of Major Pain who lives with a chronic mystery illness.

Health Challenges Can Be Isolating

Many of us living with chronic illness and disability feel completely alone, never meeting anyone going through something similar. Society pressures us to keep quiet about our health challenges. Sometimes even our doctors don’t understand our needs. It’s time to break through these norms and let our voices be heard.

You Are Not Alone

The Major Pain podcast is an ongoing project highlighting the experiences of our chronically ill and disabled community. Each week we ask our guest “What is your major pain?” Through the resulting conversations we spread knowledge, awareness, empathy and community, proving time and again that we are not alone. In fact, there are countless individuals going through similar challenges. If feel that you are the only person living through a rare disease or invisible illness, the only person for whom doctors can’t provide a diagnosis, or the only disabled person in a sea of able bodies, then this show is for you.

A Growing Resource

Whether you have a Major Pain of your own, are a caregiver, or you’re looking to learn about medical conditions from the perspective of those experiencing them, this podcast is a great resource that is growing every week. You can subscribe on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or listen right here on our website.

What is Your Major Pain?

Major Pain features interviews from real people living with chronic illness, chronic pain, undiagnosed conditions, rare disease, invisible illness, mental health challenges and disabilities of many kinds. The show is hosted and produced by Jesse Mercury, a content creator with a long history of chronic undiagnosed illness.

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