Andrew, Aimee and Ilana return to update us on their health journeys.

This week we kick off the third season of Major Pain by catching up with previous guests!

First we’ll check in with Andrew, who originally appeared in December 2021 to discuss mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). He has been slowly improving since then, feeling as if a new self is emerging. He’ll tell us about pushing himself socially and physically through tango dancing, feeling as though he is coming back alive. Find his original episode here:

Next we’ll talk to Aimee Stephanie Perez, who originally appeared in June 2022 to discuss psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis and PMDD. A few months back Aimee was diagnosed with colitis, having to now deal with an additional chronic illness. Although she was not surprised by this diagnosis, she is still struggling to integrate it into her life. The dietary restrictions have proved extremely challenging. Her late father lived with rheumatoid arthritis and colitis, so this new diagnosis has her reconsidering many memories of her father. Find her original episode here:

Lastly, we’ll chat with Ilana Jacqueline, who originally appeared in May 2022 to discuss primary immune deficiency disease and her mysterious adhesion disorder. Ilana is also dealing with the emergence of another chronic illness, having recently been diagnosed with intracranial hypertension. Her condition had become so severe that her mother noticed her eye bulging along with abnormal speech. Ilana is now receiving regular spinal taps to relieve pressure on her brain, since pharmaceutical intervention was not well tolerated. Although her doctors have recommended brain surgery, Ilana is weighing her options while working on a new book about medical gaslighting. Find her original interview here:

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