Lindsay and Stu met in an online recovery program for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This is a debilitating disease that encompasses a wide range of symptoms including brain fog, headaches, post exertion malaise, and bone weary exhaustion. While many people (including doctors) often brush off ME/CFS as “just being tired all the time”, people like Lindsay and Stu know the truth is far more complicated. This disease can bring your life to a crashing halt, forcing many to leave work and focus solely on recovering enough energy to function. There is a growing body of evidence pointing towards a connection between ME/CFS and post viral illness, suggesting that some individuals will develop long term effects from common pathogens like the Epstein Barr virus. But while the scientific community scrambles to catch up, individuals with chronic fatigue are left to fend for themselves in search of recovery. To that end, Lindsay and Stu have teamed up to create the Post Viral podcast, a show discussing the complicated road of living with ME/CFS. On the show they share tips from their experiences, spread awareness, and build much needed community around a difficult disease.

In this episode of the Major Pain podcast, Lindsay and Stu discuss their personal histories with ME/CFS and tell us about their own podcasting endeavors. Stu has been living with chronic fatigue for the past 3 years, while Lindsay is 6.5 years into her journey. They both went through periods of denial when their health suddenly changed, attempting to push through the exhaustion and brain fog until their bodies forced them to take a step back. ME/CFS is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning it is assigned to patients for whom no other obvious cause of disease can be found, who also meet the general criteria and timeline for the disease. Since there is no cure and little scientific consensus, Lindsay and Stu have been hard at work collecting any helpful information they can find to share on their podcast. They focus on different aspects of recovery in each episode, filtered through their own experience and creative expression. Their goal is to help others feel less alone in their journeys, and speed up the road to recovery by sharing hard fought information that took years of illness to acquire. You can find Post Viral on all major podcast platforms, or connect with the show on Instagram @PostViralPodcast.



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