Kelcie’s life has been frustratingly intertwined with her chronic pain journey. She was originally diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism in her late teens, which would eventually progress into rheumatoid arthritis. In her late 20s she slowly began to experience mysterious widespread pain, accompanied by exhaustion and brain fog. Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia was initially an exciting development, as she finally had a name to put to her mysterious symptoms. But over time this excitement would turn to resignation, as Kelcie came to terms with this diagnosis being lifelong and incurable.

In episode 37 of the Major Pain podcast, Kelcie shares her story living with chronic pain. Since she experiences multiple simultaneous chronic pain conditions, she discusses the differing sensations and how she tells them apart. Her life is a balancing act of managing limited energy while still striving for creative productivity, and attempting to find sources of physical activity that help rather than hurt. Like many chronic pain patients, she has had extreme difficulty getting adequate prescriptions for pain management and faced repeated medical gaslighting. She is also forced to manage the emotional health challenges that arise in such a complicated situation, striving to find the best way forward through extremely unfair circumstances. Although each pain journey is unique, Kelcie speaks astutely to the universal difficulty of managing chronic pain in our current medical system.



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