A photo of podcast guest Laura, who discusses crippling social anxiety

Many people don’t understand the severity of crippling social anxiety, and how it can prevent individuals from seeking experiences that might involve social interaction. People don’t just experience anxiety in social settings, but before and after those interactions as well. This anxiety manifests as fear of being watched, judged and ostracized, and can exhaust emotional and mental bandwidth very quickly. Laura has lived with that fear her entire life, and felt the effects of how it limited her activities over and over again. In her 30s she decided to face that fear head on, learning invaluable tools that have helped to lessen her anxiety and increase her social bandwidth.

In episode 23 of the Major Pain podcast, Laura walks us through what she has learned about overcoming social anxiety. Through research and therapy she has collected a variety of helpful tools, including examining core beliefs, controlled exposure to triggering situations, and regulating the nervous system to lower stress levels. She walks us through her journey over the past several years applying these tools to her life, and shares the milestones of success achieved along the way.

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