Vocational rehabilitation (voc rehab) services are available in every city of the United States, but many qualifying individuals are unaware of this pathway towards long term employment. These services are designed to help people with diagnosed physical and intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, and some chronic illnesses to find and maintain employment, or seek new jobs when necessary. Voc rehab is funded through federal grants, making it available to individuals in need across the country. To get started with voc rehab, a simple internet search for your local office is all it takes.

In this episode of the Major Pain podcast we are joined by Eva, a professional vocational rehabilitation counselor. She introduces us to the main concepts of voc rehab, describes the process of getting started, and sets expectations for what services may entail. Counselors like Eva connect clients to multiple other services including career exploration, functional capacity exams, benefits counseling and higher education, all of which can help find the best fit for employment. She helps people make decisions based on their career goals, take steps towards achieving long term dreams, and provide support for a wide variety of employment outcomes. Vocational rehabilitation is a deeply individualized field, so services will look very different from person to person. In this discussion we hope to give you a broad overview of what voc rehab can offer, to determine if these services are right for you.

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