Stacey experiences a wide variety of complex health issues that impact her daily life. Doctors have diagnosed and labeled her with many things, including autoimmune diabetes, fibromyalgia, severe anxiety with agoraphobia, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Living inside such a multifaceted symptom picture has been extremely challenging, especially since doctors can’t explain all of her symptoms and often don’t take her complaints seriously. This is particularly true of her mental health challenges, which are stigmatized to the point that finding professional help can be overwhelmingly difficult.

In episode 19 of the Major Pain podcast, Stacey bravely shares the evolution of her health journey. Around the time of her second pregnancy she was assailed by a massive shift in her mental health, saying “everything just went wrong mentally.” She began hearing voices and seeing people that weren’t there, and lost large chunks of time where she couldn’t remember getting from one place to another. She struggled with deep depression and extreme anxiety, made worse by nonsupporting and disbelieving doctors. Stacey eventually began learning to pull herself into a better place and recover some functionality, finding adaptive tools and the strength of will to keep fighting for improvement.

This episode also features an update from Andi and Jesse about receiving Jesse’s new wheelchair, a custom made chair designed for active use.



Karen Brixner · August 4, 2021 at 11:36 pm

I was amazed at how Stacy handled her physical and mental challenges with little to no help from doctors. It sounds like she’s in a better place now which is great to hear. I know the medical establishment can be difficult to navigate. I also enjoyed hearing about your new wheelchair, Jesse. Thanks for bringing these episodes to those of us who have medical disabilities and of course to the rest of the population who do not.

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