Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, or have experienced some form of environmental sensitivity in their lives. But for Elizabeth, navigating the world with histamine intolerance means she must be constantly vigilant about the foods and environments she is exposed to. Histamine intolerance sounds like a sensitivity to histamine, but it actually refers to a buildup of histamine when the body is not able to process it correctly. This condition is very rare, affecting less than 3% of the population, and is often misdiagnosed as allergies or gastrointestinal disease.

In this episode of the Major Pain podcast, Elizabeth shares her medical journey from childhood as she sought to understand why she was constantly sick, to adulthood as she gained understanding of histamine intolerance and how it affects her body. She struggled to make sense of the changing parameters applied to her test results over the years, finding herself denied treatment for not fitting into medical models. Experiencing a lack of help from doctors, she applied the scientific method to her own body, discovering foods and environments to avoid through trial and error. Having learned many tips and tricks along the way, she shares ideas for anyone dealing with similar health concerns to consider. She also discusses the concept of disability, and how each person’s journey to identifying with that term is unique.



Morgan · September 17, 2021 at 5:06 pm

Adding on to the allergy discussion! There are also mast cell allergies which are seperate from IG allergies so they won’t show up on those bloodtests. Histamine itself is hard to test for it can disappear so quickly from samples

It was great to hear from someone with a similiar disease. I laughed so hard at the bubble comment, b/c that’s what they say about MCAS/MCAD patients, allergic to the world lol

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