Anyone who has passed a kidney stone will tell you of the excruciating pain, often citing it as the worst physical pain they have ever experienced. The idea of passing two stones a month indefinitely would make anyone recoil in horror, but that has been Erik’s reality since he was 25 years old. Now 42, Erik has passed a total of 416 stones. Most of them have been uric acid with a few calcium stones thrown in. Erik has tried everything in his power to make this nightmare stop, but has been unable to get support from doctors to find the root cause.

In this episode of the Major Pain podcast, Erik talks us through his horrific history with kidney stones in tandem with the horrific way he has been treated by medical professionals. Doctors often refuse to believe he has passed hundreds of stones, even when he brings in the stones as proof. He has twice been mistakenly diagnosed with terminal cancer, only to find out months later that doctors misread kidney stones on his imaging. To complicate matters, Erik became addicted to opiates during his battle with constant pain. He shares tips and tricks for combating kidney stones without narcotics, as it is no longer safe for him to use them. He also discusses maintaining focus on the things that bring him joy, to move forward one day at a time.

Our bonus episode for the month of March is now available to everyone who supports this podcast on Patreon. Click here to listen.


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