Achieve Tahoe is a nonprofit organization offering year-round outdoor recreation activities for people with cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities. They offer a wide variety of accessible activities including snowsports, water skiing, hiking, archery, climbing, equestrian skills, paddle sports and sailing. Their goal is to make these activities available to people with any level of disability. The only requirement is that participants be able to breath unassisted. The experienced team at Achieve Tahoe provide individualized experiences based on each participants level of ability.

In this special episode of the Major Pain podcast we are joined by Marina from Achieve Tahoe to learn about this organization, the type of sports available, and how people can find accessible sporting opportunities across the country. She shares her own experience re-learning to ski after a spinal cord injury, and how she has seen many people build confidence and independence through high challenge sports. We hope to spread awareness of the wide variety of accessible activities available, and inspire people to get outdoors and experience nature in an active way.

Find Achieve Tahoe on their website:



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