While working as a hairstylist, Merideth was repeatedly exposed to chemicals that released formaldehyde. Eventually her health collapsed, and she found herself unable to continue working. Doctors recommended avoiding future exposure, but this proved insufficient as Meredith’s issues with chemical sensitivity began to expand exponentially. She became chronically ill, housebound and often bedbound, losing all tolerance to common chemicals found in our daily lives. Simple things like a truck driving by or residual fragrances on her partner’s clothes would trigger an episode. Doctors were unable to help and naturopathic options proved insufficient. She became increasingly desperate to find some form of successful treatment.

In this episode of the Major Pain podcast, Merideth describes how she eventually stumbled upon neural rewiring as a potential avenue towards recovery. This process, also called brain retraining, involves finding purposeful ways to elevate your mood and calm the nervous system, building sustainable neural pathways that can lead to long-term benefit. It is akin to walking down a path in a forest over and over until that path becomes well-trodden and easier to navigate. Desperate to try anything, Merideth went to an in-person rewiring program and noticed immediate benefit. This process gave her a sense of agency over her own recovery, which built over time as her symptoms improved. Now Merideth is 80-90% recovered, and feels that neural rewiring is the main catalyst in her success.

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