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Are you struggling to find your way through the American healthcare system? Managing a chronic illness or disability is hard enough, but convoluted healthcare plans, access issues and affordability can put brick walls in the way of necessary care. Many patients are unaware that organizations like Patients Rising exist with the sole purpose of helping patients who feel stuck or lost within the healthcare system.

This week on the Major Pain podcast we speak with Terry Wilcox, co-founder and CEO of Patients Rising. This organization focuses on access and affordability issues around healthcare. They run a free helpline where they help guide patients who don’t know where to turn next. If you are struggling to afford a specific test, feel confused about insurance options, need help finding transportation to a far away doctor, or are facing any other access or affordability issue, the staff at Patients Rising are waiting to help. Give them a call at 800-685-2654 or email them at help@patientsrising.org.

In this episode we also discuss what to look for when seeking new insurance, and how you can become a patient advocate.

Visit Patients Rising online at https://www.patientsrising.org to learn more about their organization, or make a donation to help support patients in need.

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