Justin Balch has lived many lives, having been derailed several times by chronic pain and health issues. While studying as a saxophone performer he developed a mystery pain that forced him to put down his instrument permanently. He adjusted course and became a professional audio engineer, until a barotrauma caused tinnitus (constant ringing noise) and he could no longer rely on his ears. After several more career course corrections, he finds himself struggling with mysterious symptoms likely caused by long-haul Covid.

In this episode of the Major Pain podcast Justin shares his many paths taken, and the roadblocks he has encountered along the way. Through it all he has maintained a positive attitude and outlook, constantly grateful for what he has instead of dwelling on what he has left behind. He shares his experience with alternative medicines, in place of a traditional medical system that continually offered little help. He also discusses creating a support group for men in a society that discourages sharing their pain.

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